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Our team of boys born 2008 (P08) 
Roughly 50 boys and a few skilful girls train and enjoy football in our team. Players vary by their skill and experience levels, some having a short experience with the game, while some others having trained longer. Exercises and participation in the matches is organised so that everyone gets the most fun out of the game!  

Training schedule:
- Mon 17:30-20:00 Kaleva, Kerava, turf
- Thu18:30-20:00 Kaleva, Kerava, turf
- Sun 10:30-12, Järvenpää football hall (bubble)
Games, tournaments and series
We actively participate in tournaments, series games and other matches. During the summer time we play Opel-league for kids with nearby clubs.

How to join`and play soccer?
Inform the manager of the PT08 team (kp75pt08@gmail.com) that your child wants to start football. You can also visit the trainings and tell the head coach your child wants to join the team. If your child is unsure of his/her interests, just come by and test it out. Every new player is offered a free two weeks courtesy period to test it out whether he/she wants to start football as a hobby.

What does it cost
Monthly participation fee per player in PT08 team is 45 euros.
License fee is  approx. 25 eur + insurance (which is a couple of additional euros)

For any questions regarding to fees, contact kp08rahasto@gmail.com.

  • Head coach: Mika Hannonen, mika.hannonen@kp-75.fi
  • Manager PT08: Mikko Peltoniemi, kp75pt08@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Juha Engblom, kp08rahasto@gmail.com
Weather in Kaleva
Training cancelled if it is -10 deg C or below @15:00.